About the Journal

The International Journal of Bridge Engineering, Management and Research (BER) is a fully open access online only journal published by FABRE Consortium, Italy.  The journal serves as a forum for the publication of scientific and technical papers related to all aspects of bridge engineering and management, including structural, seismic, hydraulic and geotechnical risk analysis, structural health monitoring, static and dynamic assessments, structural retrofitting and resiliency enhancement. The journal also publishes research papers on tunnels focusing on the areas mentioned above. The journal does not consider papers that are purely related to construction technology, construction management of bridges and tunnels and railway engineering. Research technical papers and case studies dealing with innovative technological or computational solutions to bridges and tunnels, as well as experimental methods and novel design and theoretical analysis procedures are strong candidates for publication in the journal.

The journal review policy is double-blind review process (i.e., both author and reviewer identities are not disclosed).  All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by three internationally recognized reviewers.  The decision on acceptance or denial of a manuscript is based on review comments from reviewers.  The editorial board of the journal has final discretion on the decision on a manuscript.  However, authors can appeal the decision.  In that case, a declined manuscript will be allowed a second review by a different set of reviewers, which will be the final round of review for that manuscript.

Founder and Support

BER was founded in 2023 and is currently supported by Italian FABRE Consortium (https://www.consorziofabre.it/en/homepage/), a research consortium for the evaluation and monitoring of bridges, viaducts and other structures. FABRE promotes and coordinates the participation of associated Universities and Research Institutions in scientific activities in the fields of Civil Engineering and Architecture, with particular reference to the evaluation of bridges, viaducts and other structures. Consisting of 9 universities and 1 research institution, FABRE plays a significant role in providing expertise and technologies to monitor and assess the safety of infrastructures. With a goal to foster international collaborations at much larger scale, the Consortium is supporting BER International Journal which acts as a catalyst for cutting-edge research and innovation in the field by world’s leading experts in research related to infrastructures.

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